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Let the MUSIC Inspire your SOUL!

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At just over an hour long, this mix hold a wide variety of New Thought artists,and a collection of unique and inspiring tunes.

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In This Moment ~ Karen Mitchell

Held in the Hands of Spirit ~ Jennifer Burnett

Rise Up with Spirit ~Melissa Phillippe

Anonymous Heart ~ Daniel Nahmod

Pure Desire (Fill in the Blanks) ~ Trish Hatley

I am Alive in Spirit ~ Melissa Phillippe

Happy, Healthy, Wealthy & Wise ~ Karen Drucker

I Love Myself So Much ~ Agape Choir

Oxygen ~ Gary Lynn Floyd

Soul Desire ~ Gary Lynn Floyd

Healing in the Hands of Time ~ Karen Taylor Good

Standing in the Light of Love ~ Cynthia James

Made of Love ~ Karen Mitchell

Stop, Step Back ~ Devotion

I’m Living in the Positive ~ Trish Hatley

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