Double Dippin’


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Saturday 7:00 am 9:00 am

Cooler Than Ice Cream

Check out a Double Double Shot from your favorite New Thought Artists

It’s A New Day ~ Eddie Watkins Jr.

I’m Saying Yes to Life ~ Eddie Watkins Jr

Seeking My Good ~ Margaret Owens

Big for GOD ~ Margaret Owens

Stand in the Fire ~ Barry Ebert

The Higher you Climb ~ Barry Ebert

GOD is the Answer ~ Marianne Lewis

Mystical Renaissance ~ Marianne Lewis

Energetic Shapeshifter ~ Michael Bernard Beckwith

Life is GOOD ~ Michael Bernard Beckwith

I’m Getting Better Everyday ~ Trish Hatley

I’ll Raise My Vibration ~ Trish Hatley

Cast Your Stone ~ Eric Hansen

Hero in the Dark ~ Eric Hansen

The Key of Humanity ~ Kelly Corsino

Up In Flames ~ Kelly Corsino

I Release and I Let Go ~ Michael Gott

Right Here, Right Now ~ Michael Gott

Willing to Change ~ Karen Mitchell

Rain ~ Karen Mitchell

Kumbaya ~ Faith Rivera

This Little Light of Mine ~ Faith Rivera

Can You Help Me Find It? ~ Daniel Nahmod

That One ~ Daniel Nahmod

Back Seat ~ Lisa Bell

Change Is Free ~ Lisa Bell

I’m So Grateful I’m Alive ~ Floyd Lula

What’s Your Gospel Going To Be? ~ Floyd Lula



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