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Thursday 10:00 pm 12:00 am

2 Full Horus of Musical Inspiration

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Rev Brz does it again with an extended 2 hour set of groovy New Thought tunes.

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That On ~ Daniel Nahmod

World of Peace ~ The Levins

Thank You For This Day ~ Margaret Owens

Bring the Love ~ Lisa Bell

You’re Amazing ~ Martin Kerr

On the High Road ~ Barry Ebert

Isn’t It Odd ~ Margaret Owens

Safe Place To Land ~ Jami Lula

Holy Now ~ Faith Rivera

The Call of Something More ~ Karen Drucker

I Fly ~ Eddie Watkins Jr

A Rising Tide ~ Harold Payne

Why Wait ~ Daniel Nahmod

Made To Love ~ Amy Steinberg

Peace Signs and Laugh Lines ~ Bob Sima

What We’re Thinking About ~ Barry Ebert

putalittlemoreloveintheworld ~ Bob Sima

We Are Free ~ Harold Payne

Great Day To BE Alive ~ Patricia Bahia

Leaning Toward the Good ~ Lisa Ferraro and Erica Luckett

Soul Desire ~ Gary Lynn Floyd

You’re Not Wrong and I’m Not Right ~ Jami Lula

Willing to Change ~ Karen Mitchell

Change Everything ~ Annie Sims

One Big Family ~ Gary Lynn Floyd

First Time Ever I Saw Your face ~ Lisa Ferraro and Erica Luckett

Rise Little Spirit ~ Eddie Watkins Jr.


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